This triptych was created by building three 96 x 18 inch panels with structural supports. After completing their construction the panels were coated with Gesso. Once the acrylic polymer was dried I poured liquid asphalt sealer over the panels, completely covering them in a petroleum based product I immediately laid strips of newspaper (Wall Street Journal stock quotes) in the sealant, the paper soaked to a darker color. I allowed the panels to cure before then coating them in an amber shellac. This gave the panels a look of overall dark umber paint but also gave it an incredible texture for me to paint on, it was both a smooth surface while at times also being a bumpy surface. It was a great way to start as the panels already had a built in tension before I painted a single thing on it. This allowed me to develop the technical narrative of the triptych which pushes and pulls with the overall complex pictorial narratives of the piece. The overall dimensions of the triptych are 96 inches tall by 64 inches wide and it black_whiteconsists of three separate panels.